Remote Emergency Care
Level 1 - Basic First Aid

A one-day course (min six hours), to introduce a systematic method of first aid. The course mixes practical learning with scenarios of real situations.

The basic first aider can take control of an incident in the absence of a standard first aider. He/she can be the Appointed Person within the workplace and is able to cope with common medical occurrences.

Course content:

  • vital signs – conscious level, breathing, pulse, temperature, colour
  • emergency action – a methodical system to manage emergencies safely
  • airway problems – recognising airway problems and managing the airway
  • breathing problems – coping with choking
  • circulation problems – shock, chest pain, collapsing, heart stoppage
  • unconsciousness – collapsing, what can it be? what do you do?
  • bleeding – treating bleeding from open wounds
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) - UK and European Resuscitation guidelines