Remote Emergency Care
Level 3 - HSE First Aid at Work

This course is designed for candidates who work as First Aiders within the work place.

  • 4 day modular course (minimum 24 hours)
  • 3 year validation for statutory and workplace needs
  • Introduction of a systematic method of first aid for managing casualties
  • Covers HSE syllabus for first aiders at work according to the '81 & '97 regulations, UK & European Guidelines.

HSE First Aider:

  • can take control of an incident until a nurse, doctor or ambulance arrives
  • fulfils health & safety requirements for the HSE First Aid at Work.

Course content:

  • emergency – vital signs, emergency action, airway, unconscious, choking, bleeding, breathing & circulatory problems, emergency breathing, CPR.
  • environment – heat stress, cold stress, chemicals, gas fumes, dust, toxic poisons.
  • health & safety – recording accidents, RIDDOR, FAW regs, first aid kits, sick room.
  • illness – chest pain, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, emotional disorders, minor ailments.
  • rescue – transportation, communication.
  • assessment – reviews material on the course via practical, written and external assessment.