Remote Emergency Care
Level 4 - Advanced First Aid

The course is designed for people working in remote areas and introduces new skills and equipment such as Oxygen.

  • Development of skills gained at Emergency (L2) level
  • Advanced techniques & long term care
  • Focus on trauma injuries in the specific operating environment
  • Review of special interest topics e.g. Altitude

Advanced First Aider:

  • will be able to take control of an incident and direct basic first aiders
  • will be able to deal with more complex emergency situations and use advanced methods.

Course content:

  • bls – basic life support, vital signs, blood pressure, Glasgow Coma Scale
  • ls – life support, suction, airways, oxygen, shock management, fluid replacement
  • injury – head, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, bones, soft tissue, eye
  • rescue – triage, rescue, co-ordination, casualty management, CPR.