Remote Emergency Care
Level 6 - First Aid Instructor/Trainer

This course is the first step to becoming a REC trainer. The course is followed by a 1 year ‘Trainee Instructor’ logbook period. This allows you to attend any REC course to mentor senior trainers within the scheme.

Candidates must have completed the advanced course or equivalent, and have an in-date HSE certificate for First Aid at Work. As your skills progress senior trainers can sign you off to instruct at the different levels within the scheme.

Course content:

  • code of practice – ACOP, 1974 H&S at work act, equality, safety, assignments
  • presentation – presentation skills, communication, dealing with candidates, audiovisuals
  • teaching – teaching skills, lesson plans, learning outcomes, planning, assignments
  • coaching – skill building, small groups, skill development, demonstrating, feedback
  • assessing – observing, questions, productive assessment, constructive assessment
  • video analysis – presentations, teaching, coaching, assessing, feedback, assignments
  • development – new developments, research assignments, CPR.

There are five steps to become a REC trainer:

  1. Pre-course knowledge: valid standard course, advanced course, first aid experience
  2. Training skills: attend trainer’s course, assignments, video assessments, external assessment
  3. Observation of the delivery of a foundation course (levels 1 or 2), logbook for recording attendance
  4. Supervised delivery with registered trainer
  5. Recommendations by two registered independent trainers